View of raw pallet top (Left) View of bottom of Micro Pallet with hand holds (Right)
Raw Micro Pallet mounted
Raw Micro Pallet mounted
Micro Pallet bottom view and pins left in dowel holes
Top of and mounted machined fixture for brass handles (Left) Bottom of fixture with through holes (Right)
Top view of machined fixture
Setting the WCS for Micro Pallet dowel holes for excellent repeatability and process reliability

Micro Pallets for Orange Vise (Beta)

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These are Micro Pallets we use for second op when we do short runs. If you are bolting into the bottom of your part for work holding, this is a perfect, repeatable solution! Sweep dowel hole for XY alignment, Z off the bottom of the pallet to set your WCS. The dowel holes bored to fit 0.4993" Orange Vise ground pins and are counterbored for 1/2 - 13 x 1.5" bolt. Micro pallet dimensions are  2.25" W x 6" L x 1.5" H


Attached are photos of how we are using the Micro Pallets for this short run of brass handles. We have a WCS stored in G54.1 P10 for the front left dowel hole and do all our programming from that location. 


These can also be used as a machinable soft center jaw!